Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This Is What She Does

just when I am at the end of my rope with her. We had a birthday party at Kindergarten today for all the kids with summer birthdays, including mine. Of course it's stressful for me to get there, with the boys and all. And of course, I volunteer to help plan it. She didn't ask for the brothers after all. She wasn't that into the party, but she did create this visor. Some of the kids decided not to decorate theirs. The others did all they could do spell out their names and add a couple of hearts or balloons. Mine did an entire sentence, "Julia Loves Mommy," surrounded by hearts. How can I not melt? It made the stress and the planning and all of it so worth it. I don't care how much stress there is, as long as it matters to her that I was there. And I guess it does. Makes it feel like Mother's Day all over again.

P.S. She complained about posing for this picture. I think we're starting "that age." Damn.


Tracie said...

Aaaaawww!! How adorable indeed! What a cute lil girl you got there. And that is so neat the school does that too! :-)

Awesome Abby said...

How special is that?!?! Definately worth all the trouble and stress, though I hear you about trying to do ANYTHING with babies, and I have only one, and a great one. You are Supermom!!!!