Thursday, June 15, 2006

It's the little things

Everyone who's had a baby knows there are certain important milestones in post-partum life. I'm not talking about the baby sleeping through the night (although that's a HUGE one) or eating solid food for the first time. I'm talking about the things that slowly remind you that you were once a person before you were a baby factory (and in my case, a dairy too). These milestones include the first shower after childbirth (wow, you're the only person in your body again!). Even if you're just using nasty hospital soap, it's still a great shower. Another good one is the day you get to wear your own underwear again. Woo hoo, what a feeling. Well, yesterday, I got to take the rubber band off the button of my last hold out pre-pregnancy pants. Yep, I not only buttoned them on their own, but walked around all day without having to suck my stomach in (as if that's even possible anymore). True that there's still all the pre-pregnancy weight to tackle, but that's for another day. There'll be other milestones, like taking the stroller out of my trunk for the last time (makes me weepy just thinking about it) or leaving the house with my kids but no diaper bag, but for now we'll just concentrate on that one button that stayed closed all day.

Add to that my new turquoise flip flops that I wore all day and it was not a bad day at all.


Tracie said...

What a great feeling Torreh!!! That's those baby pounds will start to fall off before ya'know it :-)

tspwlv said...

Thanks! You'd think so but the baby pounds (all 12, and the baby weighed 8.5 LOL) are pretty much gone. It's the weight from before the baby that I need to get rid of!