Monday, April 28, 2008

Batman Has the Batmobile ...

And SuperViolet now has her personalized plates. She truly is a super hero, swooping down to rescue me and my family over and over again, most recently over the last few weeks as I get slowly straightened out. We are so lucky to have her.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bear With Me

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. Let's just say the chemical soup that is my brain has needed some seasonings adjusted. Everything is fine, and I'll be back soon.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Odd

I hate not blogging for a long time. Stuff piles up and then I never get around to telling (all 3 of) you about it. Here's a quick run-down, with hopefully more to come someday soon:

The Good

  • We went wine tasting a couple of weekends ago and had SUCH a great time. I'll definitely post about this soon!
  • Ethan's dinosaur party was a great success and may someday be its own blog post. There were, ahem, quite a few kids but they had fun and I loved all the activity. Boys are a whole different breed when it comes to group-think, aren't they? I'm not quite mentally prepared.
  • I got carded! I didn't have my kids with me and the waiter was wearing pretty thick glasses, but who cares?
  • I'm going to see Bon Jovi & Daughtry tomorrow night and will also get to meet my good friend Jacquie IRL for the first time. Can't wait!!!
  • My mom is sleeping over so I can do the above. She rocks.
  • I registered Ethan for kindergarten and now must pray nightly that he won't end up with the mean teacher who yells.
  • My first Uppercase Living open house is next week. I'm really excited...and nervous. But also really excited.
  • Brady seems to be getting cuter by the minute. Come visit him. Or call him. He'll totally talk to you on the phone.
  • Juji got her first hit and scored her first run in softball. I didn't think this would happen for another couple of seasons. Her team has won its last two games!
The Bad
  • Passover starts next week and I have not done one thing to prepare.
  • Julia's attitude is getting worse by the day. Is it me or is she completely psycho, going from sweetheart to complete pain instantaneously.
  • I have wasted my entire evening playing games online.
  • The Bruins broke my heart for the 3rd straight year, coming home empty-handed from the Final Four.
  • Ray's work sucks right now. Period.
  • My kids can mess my house up way faster than I can clean it.
  • My asshole neighbor's asshole dog got out today and came nose-to-nose with poor Brady, who was terrified. I heard myself scream primaly to the neighbor to get his dog away, which he did. He did apologize, at which point it occurred to me that that was the first time he'd talked to me the entire YEAR we'd been living here. He needs to make sure that dog never ever gets near one of my kids again.
  • Our friends who were going to Bon Jovi with us had to cancel, so I'm taking my sister and her friend. This isn't all bad, as now I can act like a much bigger dork at the concert and sing and dance to my heart's content. Ray will pretend not to know us.

The Odd
  • I really did have some odds, but now can't remember any of them. Must be time for bed. If only I hadn't wasted my whole night online, I'd head straight to sleep without the mandatory pit stop in the kitchen to clean and make Julia's lunch. Damn internet.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

What I Learned At the Wiggly Concert

My family's love of the Wiggles has been well documented here. Although they're no longer front-and-center favorites, all three kids still enjoy Wiggling fairly regularly, though they don't always admit to it. A few months ago, just as I was thinking how much my kids would like to see the Wiggles live, I received an email alerting me that they would be coming to LA. It's like the internet read my mind! We (actually, Grandma Goob. Thanks Goobie!) got the tickets and Saturday was Wiggle day. Who knew I would learn so much from one kids' concert? Lucky for you, I'm willing to share the knowledge:

  • The Nokia Theatre at LA Live is a great place to see a concert. The whole complex will be awesome when it's finally built out. On the day that we were there, there were 2 Wiggles shows, a King's game and a Dodgers exhibition game at the Coliseum. It's really great to see Downtown LA growing this way. Go developers!
  • If the music thing doesn't work out for the Wiggles, then they can always look into being aerobics instructors. Those guys have some serious stamina!
  • There is seriously nothing cuter than a theater filled with preschoolers dressed in Pirate hats, Wiggles skivvies, and Dorothy tails....until those preschoolers start singing and dancing.
  • When attending a Wiggly concert, it is proper form to bring roses for Dorothy and a bone for Wags.
  • Some children, who are way too used to watching the Wiggles on TV, WOULD NOT turn away from the giant screen where the concert was being shown to the stage RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM to see the actual show live.
  • My two year old must not be that smart.
  • That one Wiggly dancer who is always way too excited on the TV show is just as "energetic" live.
  • It really is possible to pay $6 for an Uncrustable, a juice box and a few apple slices. Ah, capitalism.
  • That last remark makes me sound really old.
  • Just because you are seven and a half years old, it does not mean that you cannot sit on your daddy's lap and sing along the entire show. It also does not mean that you will not be the first to ask. "Can we come back next year?"
  • I can point my fingers and do the twist.
  • If you want a t-shirt for your kid, get it when the lines are short before the show and don't wait. And just because you said you want a shirt, and don't have a ton of money on you, don't assume that someone else will offer to go buy the shirt.

  • These guys really must love the kids to do this day in and day out. They were warm and sincere and just as you'd want them to be.
  • Three adults to three children is a manageable ratio for a Wiggly concert.
  • Snacks are essential.
  • Just because there is a damn Wiggly concert going on 8 rows in front of you, and your (grand)parents purchased these tickets and dragged you and your siblings to the concert, it does not mean you will not fall asleep eating grapes on your grandma's lap.
  • If you are two years old and your mom takes you to see the Wiggles and you finally turn around halfway through and notice the Wiggles and squeal "It's Giggo Mommy! It's Jeff," she will turn to mush, and forgive you for napping later and declare that you must be the cutest and most intelligent toddler in the whole place.
  • A Wiggly concert is just slightly louder than Ethan.
  • I'd do this again for and with my kids in a heartbeat. I know I had at least as much fun as they did.
  • It's just not the same without Greg.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

So Much to Blog, So Little Time

After the busy weekend we had, one would think that we are always out and about doing fun things with our kids, or without. Ha. Now, that's funny. But somehow, the stars aligned and we did do some fun things and even got a night out by ourselves, thanks to Goobie and Baba. The fun things will be their own post. But for now, let's hear it for the Bruins in the Final Four for the 3rd straight year. As they say, Ben Howland is my homeboy.

I'll try not to throw up watching the next 2 games (yeah, I said it). I have a feeling it will be pretty intense. No matter the outcome, we've had a great basketball season and SC has extra long spring break. As it should be.