Saturday, February 16, 2008

You Make The Call

For a while now I've been been tossing around the idea of starting a food blog. Granted, there are plenty around, the great majority of which I don't read. Still, I'd like mine to focus on easy, good, reasonably healthy family food that my kids will (kind of) eat & that doesn't use a lot of artificial ingredients. I'll probably also have my fair share of "assembled" dinners using store-bought ingredients and a few shortcuts as I find them.

Here's where you come in. Do you think it's a great idea? Are you just dying for more chances to hear about my kitchen adventures and food neuroses? Or is enough really enough? Do you think the Internet just doesn't have room for one more food blog? Cast your vote in the poll on the sidebar and feel free to comment with your thoughts. I'd love a good idea for a blog name too. See how much power you have? Now do the American thing and go vote.


Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I think it's a great idea. We all have to eat and we always need great ideas! Plus with your witty will be a smash!

tannaz said...

would it interest you to be a regular contributor on my existing food blog as the family blahblah correspondent? my 6 readers might really enjoy it...

NikJustNik said...

I like the idea.. you can get your "readers" to send you there ideas as well!!!!

Then you will have a heap..

Meghan said...

I vote yes!

Especially if it will be like your sisters blog that you sent me back in the day.

Go for it!

You will teach me how to cook!

The Untamed Scrapper said...

I think it would be awesome to have a family friendly food blog since we all have young kids and need all those good preservative free foods kidlets will eat!

I love the idea!