Sunday, February 10, 2008

Funny Valentines

For some reason, I got a wild hair up my butt to make, instead of buy, Valentines this year. I think the reason was that I just couldn't stomach another trip to Hallmark while I try to throw whatever inappropriate card is within reach into my cart (my Hallmark has carts, do they all?) as quickly as possible while Brady screams at me yet again. Although I'm practically immune to the stares of the other shoppers by now, I knew that somehow I'd grab the wrong thing and my in-laws would end up with an "On The Loss Of Your Pet" card in Spanish for Valentine's Day. So I decided that I don't need any more gray hairs this week and went for the home-made variety.

The first part of this endeavor was getting them to clean all their crap off the dining room table. The next day, I pulled out stickers, cards, scrap paper, die cuts, stamps, ink, punches, markers, glue and probably other stuff and let them go to town. There was a lot of attraction in using Mommy's supplies and Ethan, especially, was quite the enthusiastic little stamper. Unfortunately for him, he was not allowed to use every color ink simultaneously. Anyone who knows him will not be surprised that he would want to.

Other than try to salvage what's left of the finish on the dining room table, I stayed out of their way and just let them create, keeping my opinions to myself (yes, Tannaz, it is possible). Therefore, we ended up with a rainbow of colorful cards in addition to plain old boring red and white. I bet you didn't know purple and yellow (together) were Valentine colors.

What I loved most was watching them create together. There was an interesting give and take in their process. They had to make some decisions together, like who the next card was for and which color it would be, and even though they disagreed, they quickly compromised and got on with it. It was like they subconsciously knew not to ruin their fun with pointless bickering. There was also an unspoken division of labor: Julia did all of the writing (though Ethan signed his own name) and most of the punching while Ethan was the main stamper. He had some great creative ideas and I was glad to see Julia follow his lead. Somehow the age difference between them disappeared and they cheerfully cooperated and created together.

They were more enthusiastic about the first card than the fifth, but we all had a great afternoon together. I'd like to think they got something out of the process. I certainly did and hope to make this yet another tradition. Hopefully the recipients of those Valentines will be able to sense some of the joy and cheer that went into creating them. Especially the green one.


Tara O'Rourke said...

Sounds PERFECT!!! Great photos!!!

Jodi said...

Them are really cute! They did a great job on them!

The Untamed Scrapper said...

This is just awesome! What a great day it must have been.

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking, "This is the year. This is the year we're going to make our Valentine's." And then. I buy those pre-made packages. *Heavy sigh*


Jennifer Lavender said...

Fabulous! I am working on a post about original, handmade Valentine's for Two Moms in a Blog ( and would love to include a link to your post and a picture if you don't mind.

tspwlv said...

Tara, Jodi, and Lissa - Thanks!!

Jax - Don't beat yourself up. We made just a few for close family. The ones for school were most definitely of the Hello Kitty and Spongebob variety. I may be crazy but I'm sure not that that crazy.

Jennifer - Link away, and when you do, post a link here too. Thanks!

Jennifer Lavender said...

My post is up. Feel free to check it out.

NikJustNik said...

They are gorgeous Julia and E.. I wish I was getting one from you guys..

Just Nicole