Monday, April 16, 2007

Tagged by Meghan

It appears I've been tagged by the lovely Meghan, who happens to share my birthday. I usually ignore these things but my blogging has been so sparse lately, and guilt is a powerful motivator. Here's what you do:

Go to Wikipedia and look up your birthday. Then list 3 events, 2 important birthdays, 1 death and 1 holiday that occurred on that day. Except for the death part is sad, so maybe I'll do an extra birthday or holiday instead. Let's see how it goes.


1769 - Father Junipero Serra founds Mission San Diego de Alcalá, the first mission in California. The mission later evolves into the city of San Diego. Of course, if you spent 4th grade at any elementary school in California, you already know this, and have the diorama to prove it.

1942 - Holocaust: Rafle du Vel'd'Hiv: The Vichy France government orders French police officers to round up 13,000-20,000 Jews and imprison them in the Winter Velodrome. In 1995, president Jacques Chirac officially recognizes the French police's responsibility. Way to Jacque, and it only took 50 years.

2005 - The sixth book in the popular Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by JK Rowling is released to record sales of 287,564 books per hour in its first 24 hours, making it the fastest selling book in history. And I got my copy shortly after midnight. Thanks, Ray!

1952 - Stewart Copeland, American drummer (The Police). Incidentally, he and I have a date in June when I have tickets to see The Police play at Dodger Stadium. Wooo hoooo!

1958 - Michael Flatley, Irish-born American dancer ("Lord of the Dance"). I MUST go wrap a shoelace around my head to celebrate.

And here's your bonus birthday. Actually it was a toss-up between

1967 - Will Ferrell, American comedian


1965 - Tina Tyler, Canadian porn star

So I'll give you both at no extra charge. No need to thank me.


United States - National Ice Cream Day, as made official by President Ronald Reagan. All my birthday cakes from here on out will be ICE CREAM CAKES. And who ever said Reagan didn't do anything worthwhile in 8 years? Here's proof that he did!

Now, I tag:

1. Kim
2. Beth
3. Jacquie
4. Abby
5. Nik
6. Teri-Lynn
7. Tannaz, who gets a special challenge. All of yours must be food-related.



Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

T-the bad thing was I didn't even have a mustach. The gal talked me into and now my skin is broken out above my lip........nice.

And you tagged me? Yikes! It seems so complicated.

Anonymous said...

You tagged me and so did Meghan so I guess I better do it. Give me a few and I'll have it done!

Meghan said...

Love it!