Friday, April 27, 2007

Cure Autism Now

My cool cousin Sam is taking part in the Los Angeles Cure Autism Now walk tomorrow. God forbid I should actually walk myself. But I want to do more to support Sam than just make a donation on his web page (which I did). So I am entreating my generous and benevolent readers to join me in contributing to this great cause. Autism is on the rise and it remains pretty much a mystery. Imagine sitting in a doctor's office, being told that your child has autism. Now imagine if a cure could be found for this confounding condition. If you haven't blown your charity budget on American Idol, consider clicking here and donating to Cure Autism Now.


mcewen said...

It seems that we have similar attitudes to exercise - or at least walking. Thank you for supporting him.
Best wishes

tannaz said...

what a great idea! if i ever get a second to update my blog, i'll do a little postie on the autism walk too.