Monday, April 02, 2007

Not Too Much Going On

The last couple of weeks have been pretty humdrum. Between packing, endless trips to the new house, taking care of the kids (school, activities, award ceremonies, play dates, even baths and meals), a birthday party, and not one but two nights of Passover to celebrate, I hardly noticed when our computer and Ray's car both died on the same morning.

Still, I feel like the end, or at least a major milestone, is in sight. The movers come Friday, ready or not...and the way things are looking, it'll be not. We're so excited to move, and even though the next 3 months will be spent unpacking, getting into a new routine and figuring it all out, we can't wait.

Tomorrow we celebrate Ethan's 4th birthday. It'll be (flourless) chocolate cake and Matzah, but our whole family will be together. He has grown up so much in the last few weeks. Now that potty training seems to be miraculously behind us, he seems so much more mellow and loving. I think over a year of stress was weighing down his little shoulders. I'm really proud of my little guy.

Internet service will be spotty for the next few days. I'll check email when possible but I have no idea when I'll get a chance to post here again. Be seeing you soon and happy Passover to those who are celebrating it!

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Anonymous said...

Hope the move goes well T. Let us know just as soon as you're settled ... just because we miss hearing from you ... or at least I do!