Monday, December 03, 2007

Fun and Games with Ethan

Once again, we happen upon the adventures of young Ethan, who, although thankfully (seriously, I thank the Potty Gods daily) is now toilet trained, still needs an adult to wipe him. The other day he was upstairs in need of a hand so he yelled down at the top of his lungs (of course while his brother was napping) for me to go help.

I headed into the bathroom, noticed a Patrick toy and toothbrush from the sink and placed them on the counter (moms really do pick things up everywhere they go) and got down to business. After discussing the shapes of today's particular creations, I was washing my hands when the following conversation ensued:

E: Mom, you need to wash Patrick.

T: Why?

E: Because he fell in the toilet while I was pooping.

T: So you decided to throw him in the sink on top of your toothbrush?
E: What color is the toothbrush?

T: Blue.

E: That's not my toothbrush. That's Julia's.

And yes, he does accessorize his outfits himself.


OneScrappyChick said...

ROFLMAO..... best laugh I've had all day...

and dude... he's a fashion KING!!!

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious! OMG, I can't stop chuckling.


Meghan said...

I think you are giving me a glimpse of the future!

Jodi said...

ROFL... That is too funny!