Friday, July 07, 2006

To All My Readers Who Are Emmy Voters

I know it's a stretch, but just in case:

Do the right thing and vote for House, M.D. for Best Drama. That's it. Fill out your little ballot and drop it in the mail so the little CPA guys with the pocket protectors can count it and give the gaudy trophy to House. Not just cause it's a great, smart show with some unbelievably funny lines. Not only because the acting is really really good (and shame on you for overlooking Hugh Laurie in the acting category), the regular cast as well as a lot of awesome guest spots. And not just because the competition isn't all that much to get excited about (OK, maybe Grey's Anatomy but not the other stuff). But also because my friend Garrett is a co-executive producer and has written a lot of the good stuff this season. And he's a good guy and has had to pay his dues by working on shows like John Doe and Roswell and LAX (his idea to put Heather Locklear in a shower on the tarmac, no wonder it got cancelled), so this makes the nomination that much sweeter.


skrpndiva said...

Honey, although I love the show House, I could never vote against my show ... Grey's Anatomy. Just wouldn't happen. lol

That being said, if House won, I'd be okay with that too as it's a wonderful show.

Going For Greatness said...

Oh, he has my vote! Hand's down ( Sorry Jax.....LMAO!!)

Liam Godfrey said...

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