Monday, March 16, 2009


Ah, the good old days. When residents of Los Angeles (which basically means anyone between San Diego and Santa Barbara) thrilled to the nightly display of athleticism that was Pat Riley's Lakers. The 5 guys named above brought so many unique abilities - on and off the court - together to create an exceptional team, and such a fun one to root for. There was also Coop, McAdoo, McGee, Kupchack, and Jamal Wilkes (so many UCLA alums in that group). After years of being beaten down by those awful Boston Celtics, the Showtime era was our time to win and shine and put a song in the heart of every Laker fan. Which song, you ask? Why, Randy Newman's "I Love LA," of course.
This shirt, which can be purchased here, is a shout out to those great, great days of being a Laker fan, watching Dancing Barry in the stands at the Forum & Paula Abdul on the court. Some young foolish teenage Laker fan, who later had a life size poster of Magic Johnson on her UCLA dormitory wall, may have even worn her Lakers t-shirt, hoping to spread the love, on a visit to Boston.
Phil Jackson and Kobe and Staples Center are all OK, but they'll never be Showtime.

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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Hi Torreh!

Happy Weekend! I was reading some of your older posts and was cracking up at "phallus". That is so something my 7 year old son would say! :)

Fingers crossed you get some new orders.

Be blessed!