Thursday, August 09, 2007

Pity Party

Despite my best efforts to find silver linings and bright sides to my current predicament, there are some things that I'm having a hard time overlooking:

  • The sound of chisels, hammers, and even a jackhammer coming from downstairs, pretty much all day for the last two days. And we got an extra early start today.
  • Having spent more money than we ever imagined we could on a nice big home, only to be holed up in one hot hot hot sweaty bedroom...half the time in the dark.
  • The fact that all these fans and equipment running in the house are putting such a strain on our home's overloaded electrical equipment that I can hardly turn on a light, or a fan, or try to make toast for my kids without tripping a circuit. Taking a shower in pitch black is not a fun adventure.
  • Our plumber telling us that in 13-14 years of work, he'd seen a "spontaneous burst" like ours (i.e. total fluke, no reason for it) only 4 times.
  • Hearing my kids tell me that they no longer like their new house.
  • That my poor little toddler has nowhere to toddle.
  • The collective B.O. of 7 workers wafting up my stairwell.
  • Being back at square one with so many aspects of moving, organizing, decorating.
  • Not knowing when this will all be over. And just what the next catastrophe will be.
There, I feel a little better.


tannaz said...

offer still stands: you all can sleep on the floor of my bedroom (actually all 3 kids could probably fit in the bed, with me in it -- although they'd probably kill each other). then we could all go out to breakfast together! joy!

OneScrappyChick said...

T... you rant all you want. I would be ranting at the top of my lungs to anyone who would listen. The whole situation sucks.. and sometimes you just have to wallow in the suckiness for a while. The silver lining ... it's a pipe dream. Keep holding on though... eventually the sky will brighten.. or the lights will come back on.

tspwlv said...

T-thanks but the thought of my kids falling out your window or witnessing the unspeakable acts your nasty neighbor performs in the nude will keep us away from your lovely apartment.

Scrappy-Thanks. I'm happy to report that today is a little better, the demolition crew is gone, and the lights didn't go off once last night.

Anonymous said...

T ... I agree. You rant and rave and bitch all you want, you deserve it. What you've had to go through the past few weeks truly sucks and you can say and do whatever you want darlin'!

Just know we're all here for you!

Nik Just Nik said...

OMG T... what the heck happened...I am reading further down... Sweet hold tight it will all be over soon...

Just remember that house is perfect and that things happen...

Meghan said...

Listen here give yourself a big ole pity party anytime you want & invite me along.
I love the pity parties.
Altho.....the next one, um, will you have hor d'overs?

tannaz said...

let's not begin comparing neighbors, darling sister.