Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Best Summer Ever Wrap-Up

Fall is the one season I go into kicking and screaming. Although I like it well enough once I'm in it, I like to delay the onset as much as possible. Give me flip-flops and shorts over sweaters, socks and shoes you have to lace up, especially when I'm responsible for 3 other people to dress. Luckily I live in a part of the country where the start of fall is nice and gradual and isn't really official until towards the middle of October.

But the signs are definitely here. Besides the Halloween decorations everywhere, our leaves are starting to change color too. Mornings are foggy and evenings are cool. Since we declared it the Best Summer Ever way back in May, I thought I'd do a wrap-up and see how we did on our goals to have as much fun as possible.

  • Grill-did this quite a bit, but not enough. The most notable addition to our grilling repertoire was Trader Joe's Carne Asada, or "spicy steak" as Julia calls it.
  • Beach-not enough. After Memorial Day weekend, we ended up going just once, and it was cold and stinky. Big bummer, but definitely something to improve on next year.
  • Swim-We did this quite a bit, whether at friends' homes, Grandma Goob's, or on one of our trips. Julia had a great summer of swim lessons and she's officially water safe. One of these days, maybe we'll even have our own pool.
  • Play in the Backyard-done! The swing set was a big hit on the days that weren't too hot.
  • Camp-done and it was a huge success. Woo hoo Julia!!!
  • Legoland-done!
  • Disneyland-done!
  • Read-eh, could've done better.
  • Clean out the kids' rooms-kinda sorta
  • Scrapbook-in my dreams.
  • Picnics and playdates-didn't happen, which is sort of disappointing.
  • Stay up late-done, but we soon realized that earlier bedtimes are better for everyone.
  • Sleep in-heck yeah!
  • Ice Cream-um, yeah.
  • Popsicles-ditto
  • Shave Ice-most definitely, although the end of summer won't be the end of that.
  • Date nights-unfortunately, this didn't happen as much as we'd liked. But my birthday dinner was amazing!
  • Sleepovers at the grandparents'-sadly, no.
  • Zoo-ditto
  • Go to work with Daddy-ditto, but we can do this during the school year, too.
  • Get Ethan Potty Trained-you know how that went.
  • Dinner at Paradise Cove-this one we did do but it wasn't as great as it could've been.
There were a few other things that didn't happen. As usual, the summer went by too fast. It was also a lot of work planning all the outings, excursions, etc. and trying to fill the kids' days. I'm hoping that next summer, with Brady a bit older, will be less chaotic and much less tiring. We'll definitely remember these lessons (camp for sure, swim lessons for Ethan, Legoland is not necessary) and hopefully have the Best Best Summer Ever in 2007!


skrpndiva said...

What a summer you all had! Good for you. You are not kidding about 'our' seasons. Leaves are changing and beginning to fall. Mornings are foggy, fire-season has started, but, with fire-season comes something worse...the Santa Ana winds! Yuck!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I'm with you T, the transition between Summer and Fall is a tough one. Once it's really really here, I'm ok. Shaved Ice!!! Oh how I wish we had that here. When I visit my sister, we are required to get at least one or two a day! I always get peach! Love that stuff!

Lissa said...

We have a hard time too with the transition. School seems to come up so quickly and everything from the fun laid back summer seems to come to an all too abrupt end.

Sounds like you had quite a summer though! Congrats on accomplishing so much!