Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Day In Colors

Brownish Black - the color of my finger, nail and fnipple. The silver nitrate that I'm using to cauterize the thing has the lovely benefit of discoloring everything it touches. At times there's also a lovely crusty white shade as the medicine starts to dry. It wouldn't be so bad if I actually thought this was working and I was something other than a sick science experiment. My next appointment with my doctor cannot come soon enough.

Green - the color that the penis is turning from the bright green tape that keeps it on my finger. Nice.

Rust - the color of my best friend, Advil, which is one of the few things standing between me, my finger, and a mental breakdown. (Note to all moms in the pregnancy/childbirth process: HOARD the pain meds you get in the hospital after giving birth. There are so many things in life that hurt more than childbirth and you'll be so glad you had the forethought to save a few pills. Also, my math tells me that 3 Advil=1 prescription Motrin. It's amazing how smart you get at 4 a.m.). I'm trying not to think about my poor little guy and all the chemical crap coursing through his milk.

Purple - t
he color Brady turns when he rolls over onto his somach (his latest trick), then realizes that he doesn't know what to do next and starts crying, no, SCREAMING for someone to roll him back.

Fuschia - the color of my toenails. I decided that we had just enough time for a mother/daughter pedicure while Ethan was in school this morning. I felt like doing something nice for Julia, she needed some Mommy time and God knows I needed a little bit of relaxation myself. It so did the trick.


OneScrappyChick said...

I see you've met my friend Advil. I have been thinking about your finger, and I'm sorry to hear that it isn't getting better.

I'm jealous of your pretty toes. I figured if I had to have two hurt feet at least I could paint my nails, but alas I can't manage a position to be able to do so. And dh doesn't do toenails. LOL

tannaz said...

by the way (and i don't know why i didn't think of this earlier), i have VICODIN. from when i had to get a root canal. say the word and i'll send some along. (and no need to thank me when brady starts sleeping like a ... drugged baby)

Lissa said...

Oh Hon... so sorry it doesn't seem to be getting better. I too have met Advil and enjoy his company. Seems as though he was a great help to me in my recent broken tooth escapades...

*pout* for you with a little hug too...

Tracie said...

I would say a colorful day is a good day but you have shown us that sometimes they are NOT! I can't take any of those 'high-powered' pain meds, I get violenty ill on them (what a bummer too!) So it's never less than FOUR ADVIL for me!

Hope the day gets better, hell the week!